Hi there, my name is Hannah.

This blog is for Jung Yun Ho and Shim Chang Min/
I go crazy because of them

bless vogue japan 2014
bless vogue japan 2014


When you give Shim Changmin a bottle of champagne…



“I love you. I love you in every way it’s possible to love another person – platonically, romantically, unconditionally. And I don’t care how weird that sounds, because if loving you is weird then I don’t want to be normal.”

사랑한다 그 말을 못해서
최강창민 && 야경꾼일지 OST Part.3
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The Night Watchman OST 사랑한다 그 말을 못해서 (Because I Couldn’t Say The Words “I Love You) - Changmin // lyrics