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I go crazy because of them

tvxq/shorts = otp


12/50 Changmin

Yunho, he is never going to let you forget this


Luna from f(x) recieved a letter from a deaf fan who told her he enjoyed her performances because “even though I can’t hear you, I can feel you”. For her last performance on Immortal Song, Luna learned and performed the song “The Day the Sun Rises” with sign language for him.


TIME Tour: Nissan Stadium with TVXQ and their scary things. I miss the cockroach, Chwang! >.<

stop changmin 2k14


Yunho is funny man :)

Changmin loses it over Yunho’s jokes 


translation request from changhomin bb~

Trans start at 3:55

fMC: Yunho likes martial so much that recently he practiced 3 times a week. He started to learn jujutsu, boxing, and kickboxing!

mMC: That much?

YH: yes whenever I have time


YH: Once I have time I go to the gym

mMC: You like martial art that much?

YH: I like both watching and doing it

mMC: to the point of doing it was really awesome… Also in korea it has the image of doing Tae Kwon Do right? did you do it too?

YH: I did taekwondo when I was a kid, I also did aikido

mMC: You were really busy then

YH: It was for the sake of maintaining my shape

mMC: so cool.. you can sing, dance, and also being strong… perfect isn’t it?? what about Changmin?? didn’t you do martial arts?

CM: When I was a kid I did taekwondo… but (I realized) I’m definitely a pacifist (a person who believes that war and violence are unjustifiable)

mMC: so yunho is not a pacifist?

CM: No no, martial art doesn’t mean a bad thing

mMC: So you’re the type that prefers to watch rather than doing it

CM: yes yes

translation ends at 5:00