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I go crazy because of them




too sweet OTP!

Jung bought a hermes bracelet set last year mini 

Chaîne d’Ancre and Chaîne d’Ancre for their 10th years anniversary


#ayyyy lemme just clean up the ramble i sent to you about this because#oh lord#how much passive-aggressive pouting did changmin PUT HIM THROUGH#’i see hyung’s busy fine who cares it’s just an anniversary i’ll just… chill with kyu an exorbitant amount i’m sure hyung will notice’#day 3: ‘hyung didn’t notice’#day 6: ‘hyung. will. notice.’#culminating with yunho stumbling into the nearest luxury store and collapsing by the register all ‘just. something very expensive. please.’#with his manager stoically nudging yunho’s calf with the tip of his shoe like ‘…perhaps a set…’#and you know the other idiot was probably like ‘oh. bracelet. yeah. it’s okay i guess. idk i suppose i can wear it once or twice’#and yunho probably fully expected it to get shoved to the bottom of some endless sock drawer#but then maybe changmin started showering with it and fighting coordi noonas who told him it clashes with sponsored items#only because he’s ~used to the stupid thing not because hyung bought it for him#…for their anniversary…#gross (boonies)



@GameGyu88: We ate hot pot! We were full… so we walked back to Hotel together ㅋㅋ

changmin playing with the pointy set ヾ(♥◕∀◕)ノ | dbsknights

someone help these two (ノ´ー`)ノ


I am a feminist because
I don’t think this video could be much more relevant.

"I was his project, now he is my project. I call it payback time, I’m paying him back all he did for me from day one".

Lovers for 54 years, a beautiful story. 


東方神起 「Time Works Wonders」


He doesn’t want just attention.. he wants hyung to adores and praises him (That’s the way Changmin-ah~.. uri maknae is amazing, right~)and basically coddles him silly (after which he will troll hyung mercilessly while being all fluffy and ‘yay!' inside)